Dimming of LED
Due to some problems with the dimming of LED which arise e.g. as flickering, Bruck would like to provide some assistance on this subject.
For the high-voltage Act and Tuto LED spotlights which are directly connected to the Duolare track system via 230V alternating current (AC), we recommend the following dimmers:

The Busch Jäger 6523U LED dimmer is suitable if only one Act or Tuto spotlight will be used. With other dimmers undesired flicker effects may occur. If you intend to mount several Act or Tuto spotlights, we recommend the following dimmers:

  • Jung 225 NV DE
  • Gira 226200
  • Busch Jäger 6526U
  • Busch Jäger 6523U-102
  • Busch Jäger 6524 U
The Act and Tuto spotlights are equipped with different high-voltage LED.
The combined operation of Act and Tuto spotlights on one circuit can lead to a shut-down of one of the two spotlight types if you set the dimmer at the low dimming range. This is a technical conflict, not a defect in the product.
We recommend the following dimmers for individual LED as well as plug luminaires, which are operated by Bruck with controllers from the companies HEP, ELT and HARVARD:

  • Schneider SBD315 RC (315W)
  • Jung 225TDE RC (525W)
  • Berker 2874 RC (525W)
  • Hager WUD 42 RC (500w)
  • Busch Jäger 6513U-102 RC (420W)
  • Busch Jäger 2250 RL (600W)
  • Schneider X3104 RL (400W)
  • Jung 266 GDE RL (600W)
  • HPM CAT 400 RL (400W)
Regardless of the type of LED you should avoid multiple, directly consecutive on and off switching because the controller requires approximately 10 seconds to reduce the residual voltage in the controller.
This slow reduction of voltage after switching off can result in the LED exhibiting an afterglow.
Please note that the dimmers require a minimum load. If this load is not reached the LED may flicker. The relevant minimum load is noted on the dimmers.
LED luminaires must only be mounted without being connected to current or voltage!
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other surge impulses usually result in damage to the LED. This also includes connection of the LED to a powered controller!

Therefore, please do not touch the electrical connection of the LED luminaire (e.g. 350mA plugs or bare wire, which is connected to the LED) if you have not electrostatically discharged yourself before!

Turn off the mains voltage before you connect the LED luminaires´ electrical 350mA port with the controller!
For our high-voltage luminaires (e.g. Euclid) which must be directly connected without external rectifier boards: All necessary components are located on the LED board. The only differences are in the arrangement of the LED themselves. In production the LED are interconnected and specifically controlled in several groups, so that flickering of the LED (50 Hz) can no longer be perceived by the human eye.
In the absolute lower range of the dimmer (under 20% of the illuminance) there will be a visible reduction in the luminous flux of individual LED or LED groups. If you would like to avoid this, it is best to use a dimmer with a residual value, for example:

  • Busch Jäger 6523U LED
  • Kopp 8033
  • Busch Jäger 2247U
Since universal dimmers have their own load detection, disturbances (flickering, humming of the dimmer) can also arise due to influences from the mains in this combination. Therefore we do not advise use of universal dimmers.