Thanks to the very short radio signal of about one millisecond, the EnOcean radio technology has an extraordinary collision strength. This means 500 closely adjacent stations, which are all transmitting a signal once per minute, receive 99.9% of the signals correctly. This offers a high reliability even if there is a large number of EnOcean radio networks.
The radio protocol of EnOcean is optimised for data transfer in professional building management. Data are transferred quickly, with a high degree of reliability and using little energy. For this purpose, the system uses the building radio frequency 868 MHz in Europe.
After a power failure any previously adjusted settings remain stored. The light, however, continues to remain switched off until the actuators receive new impulses via the sensors and/or scene settings.
Then, the light can no longer be controlled by means of the iPad / iPhone. It is recommended to ensure that the luminaires can also be operated by means of a wireless button instead of only controlling them with the app. Thus, you have the additional possibility to manually control the luminaires. Please refer to the operating manual of the individual devices.
Generally, everyone who knows your user name and our password can access the system using the app on his/her iPad or iPhone. This means that several persons can use the app simultaneously by means of different devices. The status is constantly updated and synchronised. To prevent external parties from accessing the programme, please make sure that you only pass your login data to trustworthy persons.
The system is protected by means of your login data.
The installation as well as the commissioning should be performed by a certified BRUCK partner: http://www.bruck.co.uk/en/service/contact/bruck-advisor/. Afterwards the user may individually adjust the system by means of the app.
The app and the app updates are free of charge. 

Your specialist retailer will provide competent consultation on the costs for the EnOcean home server, the putting into operation of the home server as well as the actuators and sensors: http://www.bruck.co.uk/en/service/contact/bruck-advisor.
You can download the app from the Apple App Store. Simply enter “Homission” into the search window of the App Store. Having downloaded the app you need to install it, put it into operation and make the settings for the EnOcean home server and the respective actuator system for luminaires, blinds as well as screens, sensors and operating unit systems. The EnOcean home server connects your iPad and/or iPhone to the WLAN router.
It is not planned to launch an app that can be operated by means of the PC.
Up to now, HOMISSION  has only been compatible with Apple devices starting from iOS 4. You can use the app with the IPad versions 2, 3 and 4 as well as with the iPhone versions 4 and 5.  HOMISSION will also be available for Android-based terminals. You can find news on this topic at http://www.bruck.co.uk/en/homission/.