Benefits and Advantages of the System

What home automation options does Homission have to offer?

  • Control individual lights, blinds and screens: the desired actuators can be accessed with a single click. Dimming the lighting, letting a screen down, closing the blinds – Homission provides you with total flexibility as regards your home's interior.
  • Create a scene: a scene saves the desired state of multiple actuators, either for a particular room or for a number of rooms. Thus you can, for instance, dim the ceiling lamp in the living room, let the blinds down half-way, roll the projection screen down and have the reading lamp on. Scenes create the appropriate atmosphere for any situation at the push of a button.
  • Automate scenes: once you have created one or more scenes, you can select when, where and under which circumstances the scene is to be activated automatically. Manually accessing the remote control or your iPod/iPad will then no longer be necessary. The automation tunes your environment to your requirements and increases your sense of well-being.
  • Make use of the camera function: you can have one or more IP cameras installed by the manufacturer Axis and thus observe your house via your iPad or iPhone. This ensures additional security whether you are home or away.

The Advantages of Homission at a Glance

  • Comfort: enter a room and relax – summon the desired room atmosphere at a touch or automatically; adjusting individual actuators becomes superfluous. Control lights, blinds and screens simply, intuitively, sustainably and also by remote control via iPhone or iPad.
  • Well-being: create individual scenes for your home that suit your requirements. Properly adjusted lighting is not only functional, it also increases your well-being and has a positive long-term impact on your health.
  • Save money: the simple set-up and installation which can be upgraded at any time is more economical than the usual complicated bus systems. Once they have been set up, automated scenes are “intuitive”, which helps save energy.
  • Save Energy: economically and intelligently regulated lighting saves energy thus reducing Co2 emissions.
  • Security: controlling blinds and lighting when you are away from home feigns activity and discourages burglaries. The camera function ensures further security whether you are home or away.