What is EnOcean?

EnOcean is a cable- and largely battery-free wireless technology, which enables the simple integration of lighting, solar protection and heating sensors etc., within building automation systems covering anything from a single room to an entire building. With its highly flexible, retro-fit-capable installation, EnOcean technology is an innovative and energy efficient solution for home automation.  The fact that it is largely maintenance free is especially convenient and helps to keep the costs down.

Why does BRUCK recommend EnOcean technology for you?

EnOcean is a mature and internationally widespread wireless technology that has been optimised for use in intelligent building automation. This wireless technology is based on the international ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 standard and has already been deployed in over 250,000 buildings. That makes it one of the most used and most future proofed wireless technologies available, and it provides unlimited flexibility in terms of planning.

EnOcean technology features a large interoperable spectrum of actuators for lighting, blinds, and heating as well as sensors and buttons for intelligent building automation. Devices from different manufacturers are totally compatible, because they are all based on the standardised EnOcean wireless protocol. In this way a whole range of different design and utilisation requirements can be met in a sustainable manner using the best components from various manufacturers.

For larger installations and increasing transmitter numbers reliable data collision protection becomes increasingly important. For faults can occur if wireless data is transmitted from a number of transmitters simultaneously and the wireless data is not correctly decoded. Due to its extremely short wireless signal of around 1 millisecond, EnOcean is exceptionally resistant to collisions. Thus even in a situation where 500 transmitters all installed in close proximity to one another are each transmitting once per minute, 99.9% of all transmission signals are received correctly. That provides for exceptional reliability even for high concentrations of EnOcean wireless devices.

EnOcean's extremely low power requirements means that the buttons and sensors can be largely battery free. The energy requirement is generated through movement, light (solar cell) or heat (thermal converter). EnOcean's low maintenance not only saves time and money, it is also good for the environment.