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That's how small and unobtrusive POINT is.

POINT - The little LV Socket

Soooo small and unobtrusive
POINT is the small, unobtrusive low-voltage system for uni-lights made by BRUCK. The smallest version has a diameter of just 16 mm! It can be installed inconspicuously just about anywhere, e.g. in timber beams, plasterboard ceilings or in furniture.

That's how small and
unobtrusive POINT is.

Even for the most 'fiddly' fitting situations
Fit POINT in timber panels, plasterboard, MDF or hardboard panels, steel or aluminium panels. Or install POINT ceiling plugs in straight or sloping ceilings, timber beams or furniture. Perhaps you have a concrete ceiling? In which case use the surface-mounting plug-in contact with or without built-in transformer.

BRUCK can supply the perfect solution for even the trickiest situations.

Ideal for use with the BRUCK track systems

Do you want to combine POINT with a BRUCK track system? All uni-lights by BRUCK are designed for our low-voltage track systems. POINT components are also available in chrome or matt chrome. This means, that the systems can be combined harmoniously and effectively with our uni-lights.