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Hasan Tanik Mosque, Ankara

Light for one of the most impressive mosques in Turkey.

The Hasan Tanik Mosque is one of the most important and well known mosques in Turkey. Politicians and high-ranking public figures regularly meet here for prayer.

The mosque, which was built by Namik Tanik for his son Hasan Tanik, is in one of the most important districts of Ankara and can hold 1500 worshippers. Inspired by late Ottoman architecture, the mosque includes a main dome, four secondary domes, an entrance dome and two minarets. Four main columns bear the weight of the enormous dome. The smaller columns at the side support the raised boxes in the prayer hall. The vaults are decorated with extraordinary calligraphic lettering. Prayers are regularly broadcast to the media from the imposing main dome.

To illuminate the prayer hall underneath the main dome, the owner wished to have a huge chandelier of a modern design which was to provide a striking contrast to the atmosphere of Ottoman architecture. To fulfil this wish, the lighting planners from ZEVE Lighting decided to install three differently sized circles made of curved VIA tracks. These are equipped with 148 luminaires of the type Cristello. The VIA rings are suspended exactly 20 metres. For this purpose, a special structure was created first in the form of a circular attachment ring which – hung straight down – is 10 metres underneath the dome. From this ring, the others are suspended angled for a further ten metres until the smaller circle which has a diameter of 4 metres is exactly 2.40 m above the ground. The other two circles which have a diameter of 7 and 10 metres respectively, are suspended above the first, at a height of 30 cm apart. The diameter of the individual circles, lowest point above the ground and the vertical distances have their roots in tradition. 

For reasons of stability, the VIA rings with chrome-plated surface are mounted on a respective sub-structure made of curved steel and also chrome-plated. The 148 luminaires are powered by a total of 13 x 330 W magnetic transformers which are mounted at dome height. Special transformers had to be developed to achieve the correct voltage at the rings despite the supply cable length of 30 metres. Three special 16 V ring core transformers supply the small ring, four the central one and six the large one.


Elegant, noble and delicate – these are the most important characteristics of the system which has long been elevated to classic status. Thanks to its wide range of design possibilities, the VIA is just perfect for the construction of modern chandeliers. The merely 18 mm wide, 10 mm high 1-phase electrified tracks are supplied in three finishes: chrome, matt-chrome and bronze. This makes them suitable for almost every architectural interior – from purist modern buildings to classic country manor style. This is one of the reasons VIA has got an excellent reputation with architects and planners when it comes to illuminating churches and large hotel foyers. There is a wide range of luminaires available from BRUCK for the VIA system. A special luminaire was used for the Hasan Tanik Mosque: 


The luminaire series made of real STRASS® Swarovski® crystals comprises a classic collection of stylish pendant luminaires, their brilliant light play giving the room a select appearance. The light of the pendant luminaire range, which is fitted with 40 STRASS® Swarovski® crystals, is atmospheric, elegant, almost mythical. The lamps create a brilliant light play via the halogen capsule bulb inside the luminaire body – the clear crystals break the light into all its spectral colours, thus creating impressive lighting effects on walls and ceilings.
In this project, a round lamp design with amber-coloured crystals to match the colour concept inside the mosque was a special development. The project was planned and executed by BRUCK in cooperation with ZEVE Lighting.

Source/author: BRUCK - written on: 12.07.2011 - (3043 views)

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